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Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania review and ott release date

Antman's new movie quantumania has been released and after watching the movie here is my detailed review and reaction, seeing the Rotten Tomatoes ratings I was disappointed and my expectations were low but after watching the movie I can say that the rotten tomatoes rating of Ant-man 3 are false and the film doesn't deserve this kind of rating. It had some inconsistencies which we will talk about later. but still, the movie is pretty enjoyable. It deserves a solid 3.5/5 rating, which makes it an above-average film. We will also provide you its ott release date later in this article

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania detailed review

As the title says the whole movie is based inside the quantum realm, And it doesn't show a lot about the universe of Antman, but instead it shows a lot about the Quantum realm, the people living there, and Kang It follows the events shown in Avengers endgame, And we see that Scott is happy and now everyone recognizes him, Scott was saving the world and in all this, he forgot to take care of his daughter and this mystery leads him to Quantum realm

After entering the quantum realm everything has changed for them and now Scott has to do a heist for Kang, And the movie will show you the rest of the things like whether they were able to get back from the quantum realm safely, Who was there to help them, How they fought against the massive army of Kang, How Kang got trapped inside the quantum realm, who was behind all this, and other stuff

But firstly let's discuss the performance of the actors

Personally, I think that actor Jonathan Majors did a fantastic job portraying the character of Kang in the movie, He literally overshadowed other actors when he was on the screen, Talking about the performance of Paul Rudd he did a fantastic job portraying the character of Scott lang, But there was a problem with the performance of Kathryn Newton we weren't able to feel that Father-daughter heartwarming relationship due to her poor performance I think it could be improved, All the other actors like - Evangeline Lilly (Hope van Dyne), Michelle Pfeiffer (Janet Van Dyne), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) did a great job portraying their respective characters

Story and concept of the film

Story wise the movie wasn't that great it had some consistency issues like Kang's full potential wasn't seen in the film, he is called the conqueror of time but we weren't able to see him doing a lot of things with time, We weren't able to see the interaction between Scott and Cassie properly, In the movie, MODOK was wasted and we were not able to see a lot from his side, his redemption was pointless and wasn't needed his character development was very typical where a villain gets motived to fight for the right cause after receiving a nice pep talk from someone I think he was there just for comedic relief, 

We got to know a lot about Janet's past and how was she able to survive in the quantum realm for a long time she meets her old friends and enemies in the quantum realm, And her family finally knew what was she hiding about her past, It was too convincing that Lang family fought against one of the most powerful villain and his army without anyone dying, But they were able to show us the fierceness and dominance of Kang, of course, the performance of Jonathan Majors played an important role in it. 

Also in the movie, we have seen that Kang is a very smart and genius guy with lots of knowledge literally he can do anything but he wasn't able to create his own Pym particle even Thanos was able to re-engineer the Pym particles, Kang wasn't able to do so he had samples of Pym particles from the Yellowjacket (Darren cross).

The Visuals and direction of the film  -

The movie gives you Star Wars kinda vibes because there were no such great visuals that we haven't seen before it had a very low-effort set design and they were not able to utilize or use the new Volume technology properly, VFX of the movie doesn't feel proper sometimes, you can clearly tell the difference between the characters and background, this movie had a great scale but the director and the writer of the movie weren't able to utilize it properly They could have shown us a lot about the quantum world but they failed to do so. This leads us to the point that the film would have been much better if they had made some minor changes

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert)

Starting With MODOK - He comes into the quantum realm with half of his body shrunken but Kang was able to save him by giving him a body suit like Darth Vader, In the end, we see that he realized he has to fight for the right thing and in this, he dies.
and the other characters were able to retrieve from the Quantum realm they live a normal life for now, and they are set to appear in other movies.
While talking about Kang, I think he isn't dead yet he just got shrunk and disappeared with his core and he can come back in upcoming marvel movies.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Post-and Mid credit scene explained

In the post-credit scene, we see that there is a variant of Kang and he is Victor timely he is the guy who created Chronopolis and knows a lot about Time and he can potentially be "he who remains", Also there is a little easter egg, marvel comics were previously known as timely comics.

Three makor varients of Kang in quantumania

In Mid credit scene we see that Scott is thinking about something Kang said, Kang, said that it's going to be a worst situation if Kang doesn't leave the Quantum realm and something major will happen. 
But after this, we see that there is an arena full of Kangs and three major Kang are talking about another Kang who they think is dead and their intentions are worse than the one who died which is not good, The three major Kangs are- Rama-tut, Immortus, Scarlet Centurion, They assemble the council of Kang for an important discussion where we see a comic accurate panel brought in live action.
(Council of Kangs)
Council of kangs

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Ott release date

Antman 3 is out in cinema halls but to watch it on the ott platform (Disney plus) you have to wait around 40-50 days, So you can see Antman 3 on the ott platform around the beginning of April.


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