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Marvel is in trouble again because of Tenoch Huerta

Tenoch Huerta, known for his noteworthy performance in the hit series Narcos: Mexico and his new work in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Namor, has been accused of sexual assault. The charges come from well-established saxophonist Maria Elena Rios, who took to Twitter to share the shocking news. This accusation has raised concerns about Huerta's future in one of the highest-grossing studios(Marvel studios), as it follows previous reports of his disturbing ways of behaving and assault allegations recently.

Marvel is in trouble again because of Tenoch Huerta

The Charges and Social Media Response:

Maria Elena Rios made a series of tweets, claiming that she was not paid for her work with an organization called Poder Prieto. She also claimed that Poder Prieto published content without approval and accused them of defending Tenoch Huerta, whom she labeled a sexual predator. Rios took part in a podcast called "El Feisbuk de la Malinche" and had dealt with different projects with Poder Prieto, however, she didn't get installment for her services.

Poder Prieto responded to Rios' accusation on Twitter, stating that they couldn't pay her for something that was not their creation. They clarified that they just recommended the substance and denied publishing it. Rios countered by asserting that she unequivocally educated them not to publish anything about her when she left their association. She also claimed that they pursued her at a show to forestall any scandals for their film associated with Marvel LATAM.

Implications for Huerta's Vocation:

These allegations of sexual assault against Tenoch Huerta can have severe consequences for his future in media outlets, particularly inside one of the highest-grossing studios. Following Jonathan Majors' previous allegations, the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film presently faces challenges considering Huerta's contribution. It remains to be seen how the studio and industry will respond to these accusations and what influence they will have on Huerta's work pushing ahead.


Tenoch Huerta, the entertainer known for his roles in Narcos: Mexico and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has been accused of sexual assault by saxophonist Maria Elena Rios. Marvel is now going through a lot of controversies nowadays, These allegations, alongside previous reports of disturbing ways of behaving and assault, cast a shadow over Huerta's profession and his contribution to acting in Marvel Studious. As the situation unfolds, the industry and fans anticipate responses and actions from the concerned parties.


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