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Kang the conqueror powerful villain than Thanos

Comparing both Thanos and Kang is not going to be easy because they both are powerful and proper villains but we have to find the best in between the two of them so let's begin the showdown

1 Equipment of Kang and Thanos


He belongs to the 40th century so he has some best equipment to fight with Kang has a device that can freeze time he can manipulate gravity and make energy shields like ironman plus he controls his suit with his thoughts so it gives him an edge his suit works as a part of his body plus he can send someone back in time including himself and he is also known as the conqueror of time.


Well, Thanos has quite impressive materials but the best is the infinity gauntlet literally his powers with the gauntlet are unmatchable despite being from the 40th century Kang can't defeat Thanos in the matter of equipment literally Thanos was able to erase half of the population of this universe just imagine how powerful he is with stones.
So round one goes to Thanos.

2 knowledge of Kang and Thanos


Kang is from the 40th century so definitely he is going to have more knowledge as compared to people living in this century (21st) Kang has some smart predictions with which he can predict the future moves of his enemies.


Thanos was also a smart guy when he was a kid he was more intelligent than his teachers and had more knowledge than others
Thanos was able to fight the best three Avengers Thor, Ironman, and Captain America, and was able to win the battle (sort of) Without the help of a single infinity stone
But still, he is less smart than the Conqueror of time  Kang. 
So round 2 goes to Kang.

Conclusion of the fight between Thanos and Kang

After all the predictions we can say that both of them are tough to defeat but Kang here has an edge over his variants if you kill one Kang the next one will appear instantly and in comics, he has the Council of Kang's and Cross-time Kang's where all his variants have meetings and Kang himself don't know how many variants of himself exist So after all Kang is the ultimate winner 🏆 (Kang's real name is Nathaniel Richards)


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