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The role of Robin in the Batman mythos ? All robins that existed

Robin has always been an important character in Batman's mythos, He is one of the most popular partners and trainees of Batman, There have been many changes in his character in the past few years, With different characters holding the Mantle of Robin . Different characters have brought different skill sets as Robin, But the common part is that they all share a bond with Batman as his partner and some of them are his surrogate son. All Robins that existed The original Robin, Dick Grayson, debuted in Detective Comics #38 in 1940. Grayson was a young circus acrobat, Whose parents were killed by a gangster. Batman took him and trained him to be his partner in fighting crime, Grayson bought a lighter and more cheerful tone to Batman comics, and His presence soften batman's dark and dull personality, Grayson has helped Batman in solving crimes and fighting for his city Gotham as robin. Grayson as a Robin in batman mythos was very important because for various reasons. Firstly, Batman
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Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania review and ott release date

Antman's new movie quantumania has been released and after watching the movie here is my detailed review and reaction, seeing the Rotten Tomatoes ratings I was disappointed and my expectations were low but after watching the movie I can say that the rotten tomatoes rating of Ant-man 3 are false and the film doesn't deserve this kind of rating. It had some inconsistencies which we will talk about later. but still, the movie is pretty enjoyable. It deserves a solid 3.5/5 rating , which makes it an above-average film. We will also provide you its ott release date later in this article As the title says the whole movie is based inside the quantum realm, And it doesn't show a lot about the universe of Antman, but instead it shows a lot about the Quantum realm, the people living there, and Kang It follows the events shown in Avengers endgame, And we see that Scott is happy and now everyone recognizes him, Scott was saving the world and in all this, he forgot to take care of his

Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent, All you need to know about

Superman's alter-ego is Clark Joseph Kent, He is a humble reporter and journalist at Daily Planet newspaper agency, The whole concept of an alter-ego is to prevent his loved ones and help to maintain his disguise. Despite his Humble character as Clark kent, In reality, he is an alien from the planet Krypton who has abilities greater than those of the other humans, Superman can live in between humans with his alter ego and can help them in times of crisis. His first appearance was in Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938; published April 18, 1938) Created by Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist) Who is Superman's alter ego? And a brief introduction about him Clark Kent, an unassuming journalist at the Daily Planet, is actually the disguise for the superhero Superman. As the Man of Steel, Superman uses the guise of Clark Kent to blend in with humanity and hide his true identity. Though often portrayed as intellectual and modest, Clark Kent is also depicted as possessin

What is Superman's role in the Justice League? Shocking

Superman is a founding and one of the first member of the Justice League, a team of superheroes assembled in DC Comics and cinematic universe to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle. He is considered the Justice League's leader and one of the most powerful and influential members. Superman's role in the justice league  is important here's why   1. Leadership: Superman is seen as a leader in the justice league because he is one of the first members of the justice league and he has great powers and morals. In dangerous times superman boost's the morals of the justice league and makes them work as a team plus he is also a good decision-maker. If superman is eradicated from the team the team will miss his leadership and will not be able to make faster decisions in times the of danger  2. Physical Strength: As we know that Superman is physically one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. He is able to defeat some of the most p

Who is smarter Tony Stark or Reed Richards? Really

Reed Richards vs. Tony Stark In the Marvel Comics universe, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, and Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic are considered the greatest minds in the Marvel universe. Both characters have achieved incredible levels of intelligence and technological advancement, making it difficult to determine who is more brilliant between the two. However, by analyzing their actions in the past, we can determine who is more intelligent, make an educated guess as to who has the advantage in terms of smarts or intelligence and use their knowledge to benefit humanity. Let's examine Tony Stark's Intellectual capabilities and his Smartness. Tony Stark is described as an inventor, engineer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur highly intelligent and innovative. Stark's intelligence and expertise are important aspects of his personality and play an important role in his superhero abilities. When the First Iron man movie was launched People including me loved ironman because h

Who is Female Spiderman in New Silk: Spider Society Series

Sony just announced that They are going to launch a new web series(based on marvel comics) of a female Spiderman on amazon prime video and they are planning multiple projects with prime video, but let's discuss this new female spiderman whose name is Cindy moon and her superhero name is "SILK", we will be going pointwise  *  Silk's comic book origin story  * Silk's powers  * How it's going to be as a series and final conclusion *  Silk's comic book origin story  Cindy moon  while attending a public exhibition, an irradiated Spider bit Peter parker and he became spiderman but in that same incident the spider bit Cindy on her ankle before dying, which gave her powers and made her superhuman, Unlike all the major spiderman she has an organic webbing system which provides her webs, like the First Spiderman (played by- Tobey Maguire) in that movie, after she got her power's a group of hunters called inheritors were traveling around the multiverse and takin

How deeply Quantumania is connected to Shang chi !!

Marvel Just released the trailer of its new upcoming movie Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and it clears the significance and origin of Shang chi's ten rings and how Kang is deeply connected to Ten rings so here's a theory by Comicverse (Mohit Yodha) to tell you how all of this makes sense and clear all doubt's, but please make sure that what you are reading is just a theory & take it lightly So we will be going point-wise -  * Who created the Ten rings and how Wenwu got the rings * Kang wanted Shang chi to get The rings * Facts that are more than a coincidence & will prove that there is a connection between Ten rings and Kang Who created the Ten rings and how Wenwu got the rings? There is a great possibility that Kang himself made the ten rings and after creating the Ten rings, The rings somehow came out of the quantum realm and came to the Earth since we know that  time moves differently in both realms there is the possibility that the Rama tut (a variant of

Top 10 upcoming Marvel shows and movies in 2023

After the end of the She-Hulk, MCU series here is the list of marvel shows a list that we are about to see till the year - 2023 and we can have a look at the upcoming marvel content mainly setting up Multiverse Saga in Marvel cinematic universe, and introducing some new characters that are going to relate with greater MCU. Starting off with - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11, 2022) Black Panther Wakanda forever is going to be a movie where Wakanda is broken and other powers in the world try to capture them and then it will lead to the quest for new Black Panther people speculates that we can expect multiple black panthers in Wakanda forever plus we will see a whole new civilization in MCU and a new antihero " Namor " overall we should expect something good from Black panther Wakanda forever .  The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (December 2022) Well, there isn't a lot about the story end of guardian of the galaxy but it is going to be a special presenta

Werewolf by night 32, the beginning of Monsterverse in MCU

Marvel just released the trailer of his Halloween special presentation Werewolf by night 32 and it's going to be the first horror show in MCU so here we are going to talk about it. * Origin story of the werewolf by night  * Power of werewolf and how is he going to fit in MCU * What is special about the 32 issue of the werewolf by night * Overall conclusion & appearance of moon knight in MCU But before that let's see the trailer- The origin story of the werewolf by night The real name of the werewolf by night is jack Russell, His first appearance was in Marvel spotlight comic issue 2, Jack Russell isn't a science experiment or some godly man but jack Russell got his power's from a curse. A curse that was given to his father and because of human heredity this curse was passed to jack, Jack was first transformed into Werewolf when he was a complete 18 years old boy, and 2 year's around he was continuously becoming a werewolf each full moon day but later on, he con

Who is Black Adam villain? Can SABBAC defeat Black Adam

Black Adam's new trailer just came out and it revealed the Black Adam's villain Sabbac, we just got a glimpse of him so let us discuss him Here's how we are going to discuss him * Black Adam villain Sabbac origin * Powers of Sabbac and how he uses him * How is he going to fit in the movie Black Adam * Overall conclusion Black Adam villain Sabbac's origin Sabbac's real name is Timothy Karnes. This character was first introduced in the year 1943 Captain marvel Issue #4 Demons gave Timothy powers because demons wanted timothy to kill both Captain Marvel  (Shazam) and Captain Marvel Jr  (Freddy Freeman) and a few times in comics Sabbac overpowered both Shazam and Freddy freeman while fighting But later on to the story we come to know that both Timothy Karnes and Freddy freeman are foster brothers but after the death of their foster parents they both were adopted by different families Freddy freeman was adopted by a very good family who cared a lot about him but on the o

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