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Thor vs Superman Who Would Win? God Vs Alien

In the realm of Superhero battles, Superman vs. Thor is one of the few battles that stays in the light. Superman is an alien from Krypton plant and Thor is the god of thunder from Asgard, These two superheroes belong to different comic book and cinematic universes and they both have a huge religious fan following. However, deciding who would win in a battle between these two titans is hard to say but let's find out by comparing their respective abilities, strengths, and histories.

Thor vs Superman Who Would Win the battle

Who is more Powerful between Superman and Thor

Superman, The man of steel, Gets his power and energy from Earth's yellow sun. His powers include Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Heat vision, Freeze breath, and Super hearing. These incredible feasts of powers allow Superman to literally do crazy things like, Lifting a mountain, Moving a whole Solar System, and destroying a whole planet with a single attack these are just a little depiction of his powers. A guy like Superman can handle any human attacks like gunshots and bombs easily it would be just a mere tickle for him. To prove his powers in the movie Superman Man of Steel he pulled a Cruise ship easily.

Superman fighting Darkseid

Thor, The God of thunder, Mainly uses his enchanted axe Stormbreaker in battles. Thor uses this axe because his hammer Mjolnir got destroyed by his sister Hela, With Stormbreaker in his hand Thor possesses a lot of power which gives him Incredible strength, Extra Speed, and the ability to fly like Superman with a lot of speed he can manipulate weather, Summon lighting, Considering the fact that Thor is from Asgard and he is the son of Odin he has a different and way more enhanced biology than that of a normal Human, This allows him to engage in some brutal and shocking Hand-to-hand combat, for example, he fought against Hulk on Sakaar planet and won but the point to be noted is that he wasn't even using his hammer. Thor once fought against Thanos and defeated the power of all of his Infinity stones with his Stormbreaker.

Thor fighting Thanos

Who is more Durable Superman or Thor?

Superman has an alien biological body which makes him more durable compared to us. Superman is so durable that he can't be damaged even if it's by a monstrous creature like Steppenwolf who is from the Darkseid's planet Apokolips. Superman can fight with his enemies for a long time without getting tired, In the Movie Justice League he took a full-blown attack from Steppenwolf while defending Cyborg and it didn't even scratch him a little where other superheroes would have died taking this attack.

Superman taking a heavy attack from Steppenwolf

As an Asgardian god, Thor is amazingly Durable. He can take heavy damage from his enemies and can still survive, Thor, being the son of a god has great physiology which makes him superior to the rest of the human beings also when he is in his battle mode his Asgardian Armour protects him from heavy damages. In the movie "Thor: Ragnarok" he survives a full-powered attack from Hulk which made him unconscious. But when it comes to comparison with Superman Thor is less durable than him because Bullets and arrows hurt him but do nothing to Superman.

Thor Surviving energy burst from a Star

Who has more Battle IQ and experience?

Superman being a Superhero has fought a lot of Wars which gives him a lot of experience, Superman fought against his own kind which was evil and equally stronger. Superman behaves as a leader in high-pressure situations and finds a solution that is really difficult, He can also read the situation faster because of his super speed which slows the time for him, Superman once singlehandedly managed to beat the entire Justice League without getting even a little bit hurt.

Superman fighting in a team

Thor has centuries of war experience, he is a true warrior and battle expert, Thor got his knowledge of battles from the countless battles he fought and won. This allowed him to study how the battles are fought and gave him a deep understanding of different combat skills. In the opening scene of the movie "Thor: Ragnarok," he fought against Surtr, his army, and a giant dragon but still emerged victorious. This proves that Thor has a lot more Battle experience than Superman.

Thor fighting in a team

Superman and Thor who has more raw Strength

Superman has unmatchable strength, He has almost limitless strength, which allows him to do some crazy stuff like moving the celestial bodies at his own will. His raw strength makes him one of the most powerful and fierce beings in the DC cinematic and comic book universe. Only a few characters in DC can match his strength and stand against him. Once he dragged a cruise ship in the Man of Steel movie

Superman lifting a space shuttle

Thor, the god of thunder, has also got a lot of strength. With his god-like powers, he can literally defeat a lot of characters in the Marvel cinematic and comic universe, Thor once pulled a spaceship that belonged to guardians of the galaxy against him in the Thor: love and Thunder movie. He struck Zeus in the chest with Zeus's own lightning bolt, but compared to Superman's limitless strength his Strength is not quite enough.

Thor pulling a space ship

Intelligence/Skills of Superman better than Thor 

Superman's intelligence plays a very crucial role when he is on the battlefield, He is also the leader of the Superhero team Justice League which proves his intelligence and leadership ability Superman's best skill is his super by which he can do anything but way faster than the others. In the movie Justice League, we see that Superman is fighting against and when Flash approaches him to fight, Superman also goes into super speed mode to defeat him.

Superman at very high speed

Thor, being the prince of Asgard has a lot of knowledge that comes from the 9 realms and ancient lore, Thor has got a lot when it comes to Teachings and fighting styles, Thor was trained to master the Asgardian fighting art forms by various Asgardian teachers, Thors best skill is that he can summon Bifrost which can make him teleport to farther distances within no time. Thor's thousands of years of knowledge combined with his fighting skills make him a very fierce opponent. Thor has better intelligence and skills when compared to Superman

Thor using bifrost

Who has the best Special Ability between Superman and Thor?

Superman has a lot of unique abilities that make him special from other DCU superheroes like his heat vision which allows him to through high-powered beams from his eyes that can cut through metals and damage several objects, which can be used as a tool to defeat his enemy, Another special ability that Superman has is his freeze breath, he can freeze things by his breath, in the movie Justice League Snyder cut he froze the axe of Steppenwolf with a single breeze from his mouth and destroyed it with his bare hands

Superman using his ability cold breath

Thor's most powerful and coolest special ability is that he can summon lightning, and storms and can change the weather at his own will,  With his axe Stormbreaker, Thor can through a very devastating and powerful attack to his enemies, His lightning attack is so powerful that only a few of the superheroes can Survive, He can clear an entire area with a single attack from his axe Stormbreaker. Thor once used this power to fight Hela. I think it's on the readers to decide who has the best special ability

Thor giving a lightning attack

Greatest Battle - Superman vs. Thor in comics

Superman and Thor once Fought with each other in the Marvel vs. DC crossover event which was a huge success, a Multiversal event that pitted these mighty heroes against each other. The battle showcased their incredible power as they exchanged blows that shook the very foundations of reality. Thor was able to Survive Superman's heat vision without even flinching but after fighting a lot Superman the man of steel knocked Thor with the single heaviest punch 

Thor vs Superman comic book crossover

Rune King Thor vs. Superman prime one million

Superman's most powerful version is Superman prime one million, it was an event in the DC comic in which Superman locks himself inside a yellow sun and comes out thousands of years in the future, At that point in time he has absorbed a lot of yellow Sun's energy that it makes him nearly omnipotent, after coming out from the sun he brings back his wife Lois Lane, This version of the Superman is considered as the most powerful version of Superman.

Thor's most powerful version exists as he grows old and becomes the king of Asgard and after some time he becomes "Rune King Thor." This version of Thor is so powerful that he can literally change the cosmic stability of the universe with a single attack, He can harness the Odinforce and he has mastered all kinds of magics in the universe. When he was in his prime he was considered as one of the most powerful beings alive in the Marvel universe. Superman Prime one million wins because he is omnipotent and can do anything he has nearly infinite energy

Test of Superman and Thor's vulnerabilities 

Superman's most Fundamental weakness is his vulnerability to Kryptonite, Kryptonite is a mineral found on the planet of Krypton it can hurt Superman very badly and if he has contact with Kryptonite for a long time it might be fatal for Him. Batman was able to hurt Superman pretty badly with the smoke bombs containing kryptonite fumes and a spear made of kryptonite which will act like what a normal Spear will do to a normal Human.

One of Thor's notable weaknesses is his dependency on his axe Stormbreaker, his enchanted Axe. Without it, Thor's powers are highly diminished to such a level that normal Superheroes can beat him. If separated from his axe Stormbreaker, he loses the ability to fly. Furthermore, Thor's overconfidence and pride in being a God and prince of Asgard can be exploited by smart opponents who manipulate his emotions or deceive him. His impulsiveness and emotional nature can lead to strategic disadvantages if not carefully managed.

Superman vs. Thor death battle conclusion

Thor and Superman are both of the most powerful characters. Still, after all these comparisons we can say that Superman would win in a battle of Superman vs. Thor Because he is nearly indestructible and has the most amount of strength.

Can Thor beat Superman with Stormbreaker?

The answer is that Thor can't beat Superman with his Stormbreaker, of course, his Stormbreaker will provide him extra power and capabilities but winning against Superman is not possible with that Axe. But it can harm Superman because the axe is enchanted and Superman is vulnerable to magic. So there will be a high chance that with the Stormbreaker axe, Thor can give good competition to Thor.

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