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Loki season 2 Episode 2 ending explained

Loki season 2 episode ended on a very emotional yet intriguing note, In this episode we saw Loki and Sylvie meeting each other after season 1, At the beginning of the episode we saw Loki and Mobius hunting for TVA's hunter "Brad Wolfe"  which eventually tells Loki and Mobius where is Sylvie, Brad took Loki and Mobius to the branched timeline where Sylvie stayed.

Loki and sylvie meeting each other

Loki asks Sylvie "What was she doing in the future of the TVA building when it was about to get destroyed" but Sylvie doesn't know anything about it, on the other side, we see Mobius and Brad having some snacks, where Mobius finds out from Brad that "DOX"(One of the high authority members at TVA) is going to bomb all the branched timeline including the one in which Sylvie Stayed, hearing this, they all rush to the TVA through the TemPad to find Dox and stop her from erasing the branched timelines.

Why was DOX bombing the branched Timelines?

At the end of episode 2, we see Dox with her supporters trying to bomb the branched timeline, the clear answer to this question is that she was trying to prevent the branching of the sacred timeline and we know that the loom was overloading so Dox did this to prevent TVA from getting perished.

Bombed Timeline of TVA

After stopping Dox in mid way of her mission Loki Sylvie and Mobius head towards Hunter B15 where they find out most of the branched timeline is gone and only a few are left, Seeing this Hunter B15 and others are shocked because Dox just erased billions of people from the existence. After that one of the TVA members tracks down Ravonna and Miss Minutes and it turns out that Ravonna and Miss Minutes are working together.

Why Ravonna and Miss Minutes are working together?

It turns out that both Ravonna and Miss Minutes knew He who remains (Kang) these are the only people whose memories were not wiped out by He who remains, So it must be the fact that they know something, and being with He who remains they should know about the variants of him catching them will be a good lead in this case. Ravonna and Miss Minutes know about He who remains so they can help Loki and others to prepare for what's about to come next.

After all this Sylvie goes back to her branched timeline, Loki tries to stop her from doing that but she doesn't listen to him. apparently, her timeline got away with the bombing, At the very end of the episode we see Sylvie holding something in her hand.

What is Sylvie holding in her hand at the end of the Episode?

Sylvie holding He who remains timepad in her hands

It turns out to be that Sylvie is holding the special TemPad which previously belonged to he who remains that we see at the end of season 1. We don't know much about her intention about what is she going to do with that TemPad of He who remains. But this little detail at the end made the ending more intriguing. 


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