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Namor the biggest villain of black panther

Namor The Sub-mariner is in fact the greatest villain of Black panther in MCU so before going to see the epic rivalry between these two lets first see the powers and origin of Namor 

Origin of Namor 

Namor is an anti hero of MCU he is the son of Atlantean princess and a human he is also one of the oldest MCU characters and he is the first Mutant character in MCU at a time he was also a part of Avengers but we can see that they are going to portray Namor as a part of Mayan civilization in movies. 

Powers of Namor 

Namor being a child of a human and Atlantean he can breathe in water and can breathe on land too and he is having small wings on his leg which make him swim very fast in water plus Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, senses and reflexes and he is also a very ruthless character.

However there is a war between them regarding - Black Panther pursued some Atlanteans who had stolen Wakandan technology after they misinterpreted Namor's orders to protect their country. This resulted in a fight between Namor and Black Panther 

Atlantean physiology: Namor has the physical attributes of an Atlantean, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and durability.

Aquatic adaptation: Namor can breathe underwater and is capable of withstanding the immense pressures and temperatures of the deep ocean.

Flight: Namor has the ability to fly, but only when he is in contact with water.

Healing factor: Namor has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to heal from injuries faster than a human being.

Energy projection: Namor is capable of projecting bursts of bio-electrical energy, which he can use as a weapon.

Underwater survival: Namor is an expert swimmer and has a natural ability to survive underwater.

Leadership skills: Namor is a skilled leader and has the respect of the Atlantean people.

Wakanda is feared that their wakandian technologies can be misused. Atlantean's is feared that people living on earth will come for them and Damage their mythical city both of these areas are hidden to world so its going to be interesting to see a war between them.


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