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"Secret Invasion" Nick fury's last individual MCU storyline? Explained

Marvel just released the trailer of his upcoming project Secret Invasion that looks so amazing and here' all you need to know about it. We will be Discussing this topic wise .
*What is Secret Invasion and how was it in comics 
*How is it different from other marvel shows
*Character's that are going to appear in it 
*Nick Fury's last story line ?

What is Secret Invasion and how was it in comics

Secret invasion is a marvel comics storyline which first can to existence in 2008 comics crossover mainly focusing on how Skrulls invaded the earth here's a small briefing about it -
While fighting in an battle Elektra died and after her death everyone found out she was not a human she was Skrull everyone knew there were Skrulls among them, but it was too late because Skrulls have infiltrated governments, Superhero teams and other big organization they came to earth because there home planet was destroyed by Galactus and they chose to live here and to make earth there New Home Skrulls have replaced a lot of superhero's and top ranked officials 
But X man, Shield, Fantastic four, Dark Avengers and Avengers were able to stop the Skrulls invasion because of Reed Richards he created a device that launched a beam of light and if any skrull got hit by that beam they return to their original form  thats how they were able to distinguish between humans and Skrulls but Damage caused by the Skrulls was Very high and it took a long time for Earth-616 to recover from it 

How Secret invasion is different from other marvel shows

Marvel Shows are getting Mediocre day by day like - She hulk and Ms. marvel of course i am not complaing about these two shows they are good in there own essence but now its time for marvel to do something serious and heavy like "Captain America-winter soldier" and "Captain America-civil war" After seeing the trailer i can clearly say that this is going to be an grounded series it will have less involvement of superhero's and this all will be handled by Agents of shield and Nick fury It will be amazing to see all how nick fury gathers the members of shield and they all will fight with Skrulls 

Character's that are going to appear in it 

All the characters which are given below were announced at D23 Expo on 11 September

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Dermot Mulroney
Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross
Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" Rhodes
Ben Mendelsohn as Talos
Kingsley Ben-Adir
Olivia Colman
Killian Scott
Christopher McDonald
Carmen Ejogo
Emilia Clarke

Secret Invasion, Nick Fury's last story line ?

Look this is a fan theory so take it lightly

I think this is the last show of nick fury because this will be the best way to end his story arc as we know that all the old avengers are done with their story arc except few so it will be good if they complete the story arc of Nick fury, his is just a fantastic character but now he is old and he needs retirement but before his retirement we are going to see fury in action in Secret invasion.

Secret Invasion nick fury's last story line

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