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Werewolf by night 32, the beginning of Monsterverse in MCU

Marvel just released the trailer of his Halloween special presentation Werewolf by night 32 and it's going to be the first horror show in MCU so here we are going to talk about it.
werewolf by night 32
*Origin story of the werewolf by night 
*Power of werewolf and how is he going to fit in MCU
*What is special about the 32 issue of the werewolf by night
*Overall conclusion & appearance of moon knight in MCU
But before that let's see the trailer-

The origin story of the werewolf by night

The real name of the werewolf by night is jack Russell, His first appearance was in Marvel spotlight comic issue 2, Jack Russell isn't a science experiment or some godly man but jack Russell got his power's from a curse. A curse that was given to his father and because of human heredity this curse was passed to jack, Jack was first transformed into Werewolf when he was a complete 18 years old boy, and 2 year's around he was continuously becoming a werewolf each full moon day but later on, he controlled his powers and was able to transform from werewolf to a normal human and vice versa while struggling in those two years because of the curse he also meets Dr.Michael Morbius for the solution of this problem later in the comics he joins Legion of Monster this teams actually protects monsters from monster hunters forces.

Power of werewolf and how is he going to fit in MCU

Werewolf transform's into a giant man-hybrid on a full moon day and later he just imagines a full moon and gets transformed into a 7-foot beast 
Power of Werewolf is as follows
Enhanced physical abilities 
He can tear down anything with his sharp claws and fangs.
He is also having a regenerative healing factor once in the comic Deadpool chopped the head of a Werewolf and because of his healing factor he got his head regenerated
But his weakness is Silver metal yes silver bullets or Swords can kill Werewolf.
How will he fit in MCU?
See we all know that Marvel is creating a monster verse by introducing blade voice in Eternal's end credit scenes and calling names as vampires in She hulk so it's okay to introduce Werewolf and Man thing also because they two are also monsters plus this show is a Halloween special so it's going to be dark and scary as well I think the Halloween time is a perfect fit to introduce a scary character.

What is special about Werewolf by night 32 issue

It is special because it is the first appearance of moon knight in Marvel Comics created by Doug Moench Don Perkin 
It was released in August 1975 

Here is the Synopsis of "The Stalker Called Moon Knight"
In the middle of a seedy alley, the Werewolf battles a mysterious costumed figure known as Moon Knight. Armed with silver weapons (Because silver is effective against Werewolf), the Moon Knight attacks the werewolf as a crowd begins to draw. He slings three crescent-shaped throwing darts(weapons) into the werewolf's chest and punches him with a solid silver cestus. The werewolf howls in pain.

Overall conclusion & appearance of moon knight in MCU

See Werewolf is a scary and monstrous character in Marvel so to portray it in a PG-13 rating doesn't make any sense werewolf special presentation should be R rated and it should glorify the character of Werewolf, but moon knight appearance in it I don't know he can appear or can't because it's a special presentation show of run time 1 to 1.5 hour and including Moon Knight in it will not make any sense, of course, moon knight has hunted some monsters in Marvel comics but his appearance in this show will not make any sense we need to see the character development of Jack Russell. After all, it's a Marvel show and they are trying something scary and special for the first time so let's give it a try


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