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What makes Flash the fastest man alive.

Flash is the fastest man alive in the DC universe and there are some interesting facts about him so here we will first discuss why he is special and what makes him special and how is he different from others

Origin of flash 

In comics when flash aka barry Allen was a kid his mom got murdered by an unknown and the blame for killing her goes on to his father barry knew his father didn't kill his mom but his father was jailed so when barry grew up he decided to join the central city police department as a forensic expert he was doing his job but he still hunted for his mother's criminal one day in his lab barry out of nowhere gets an electric shock and he falls on to the chemical's in his lab because of that electric shock incident barry got exposed a lot of chemical's in his lab and finally, he becomes the fastest man alive on earth Barry Allen.

What makes flash special

Speed force makes The flash special 
Speed force is a type of energy that speedsters get from some other dimension only speedsters can use the speed force, speed force has its own dimension after death every speedster goes to that dimension just like heaven or hell for a normal person  

Why is Flash Special 

There are a lot of Speedsters in the DC universe but barry is special because in DC Universe Speedster uses a force to travel at high speed which is "Speed force" but Flash actually creates speed force so all speedsters in DC universe uses the force which is actually created by the flash.


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