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How deeply Quantumania is connected to Shang chi !!

Marvel Just released the trailer of its new upcoming movie Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and it clears the significance and origin of Shang chi's ten rings and how Kang is deeply connected to Ten rings so here's a theory by Comicverse (Mohit Yodha) to tell you how all of this makes sense and clear all doubt's, but please make sure that what you are reading is just a theory & take it lightly
So we will be going point-wise - 
* Who created the Ten rings and how Wenwu got the rings
* Kang wanted Shang chi to get The rings
* Facts that are more than a coincidence & will prove that there is a connection between Ten rings and Kang

Who created the Ten rings and how Wenwu got the rings?

There is a great possibility that Kang himself made the ten rings and after creating the Ten rings, The rings somehow came out of the quantum realm and came to the Earth since we know that  time moves differently in both realms there is the possibility that the Rama tut (a variant of Kang) got the Ten rings from his variant which we see in this trailer to conquer the Earth and somehow Wenwu got The Ten rings 

Kang wanted Shang chi to get The rings

There is a strong theory that says that Kang wanted Shang chi to get the rings, we see that the rings change color when they get transferred from Wenwu to Shang chi it signifies that the rings are getting activated in some sort of way and at the end of the movie 'Shang chi and the legends of the ten rings' we see that the rings are sending some sort of signal's to someone so it might be that the rings are actually sending the signals to Kang who is in the quantum realm, Maybe Kang wasn't able to activate the rings properly so he sent the rings to earth in a hope that they will get activated by someone and finally, Shang chi activates the rings and The rings start sending signals to the quantum realm, and in movie Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania we will see that the Kang wants to get the ten rings back and for this, he will take the help of Scot Lang (Antman) and will be able to get the rings successfully back to him.

Facts that are more than a coincidence & will prove that there is a connection between Ten rings and Kang

1-  The director of Shang chai 1,2 & Avengers Kang dynasty is the same and his name is Destin Daniel Cretton 
2- When Cassie Lang established the connection between the Earth & Quantum realm it started sending a signal to the quantum realm and since Scott(Antman) and Shang chi lives in the same city 'San Francisco' Kang thought that ten rings are sending the signals from that place but they were Scott's family and Kang sucked them into the quantum realm
3- The texture on the ten rings and the texture on the Throne area Kang are the same!!

shang chi and kang

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