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Who is Female Spiderman in New Silk: Spider Society Series

Sony just announced that They are going to launch a new web series(based on marvel comics) of a female Spiderman on amazon prime video and they are planning multiple projects with prime video, but let's discuss this new female spiderman whose name is Cindy moon and her superhero name is "SILK", we will be going pointwise 
*  Silk's comic book origin story 
* Silk's powers 
* How it's going to be as a series and final conclusion

*  Silk's comic book origin story 

Cindy moon while attending a public exhibition, an irradiated Spider bit Peter parker and he became spiderman but in that same incident the spider bit Cindy on her ankle before dying, which gave her powers and made her superhuman, Unlike all the major spiderman she has an organic webbing system which provides her webs, like the First Spiderman (played by- Tobey Maguire) in that movie, after she got her power's a group of hunters called inheritors were traveling around the multiverse and taking the Spider power's from the Spider people's, Cindy then started hiding from these people's and in that she spent 10 long years in a steel bunker to make sure that her family and universe is saved and to be protected from inheritor's, at the time when Spiderman got to know all about this he came and helped Cindy to escape from that bunker and they defeated the inheritor guys and this saved the universe as well as Cindy.
After defeating the Inheritors she started getting back to her normal life, and she worked with J.Jonah.Jameson as a reporter on a fact channel, and she goes on dating Johny storm, Her best friend is Black Cat and she helps her search for his family because she was inside a bunker for a long time, she also has a boyfriend named hector which later turned into a villain Spectro.
Cindy is also a shield agent but she never told anything about this to his friends
Fun fact she is a Korean-American girl

* Silk's powers 

Cindy is a girl who got bit by Spider and has the same powers as all other Spiderman's have but a lot of her powers are different from theirs, She got less superhuman strength than the other spider-man's but she has better spider-sense (peter tingle) than them and great agility and flexibility, and she can make the organic web's by her finger print's, her power's are-
Crawling- She can crawl on the walls just like other spiderman and can stick to a surface, she can climb buildings with these types of superpowers   
Superhuman powers- She has the powers like Superhuman Strength, agility, reflexes, durability, stamina, and speed.
Her Silk sense- Silk sense is the advanced version of Spider sense which provides her the information about a prior danger or threat and help's her to get out of a tricky situation 
Multiversal tracking ability- as we know that Spiderman and silk were bitten by the same spider so now Silk can sense and find the location of spiderman in the whole universe.

* How it's going to be as a series and final conclusion

After all Silk: Spider Society Series is coming from Amazon prime video and it will be made by Amazon studious, we know that amazon gives good quality content to their audience and this new web series will be live-action. The Walking Dead executive producer Angela Kang will be the showrunner of Silk:spider society, Over all it will be a fun live action Show.
Silk:Sipder Society (Cindy moon)

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