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Soldier Boy vs Captain America who would win?stunning

Soldier Boy and Captain America are both iconic characters and a part of different comic book universes. Soldier Boy was published by Dynamite Entertainment and currently, he is part of The Boys series. Captain America is a part of Marvel comics and currently, he is part of the Marvel cinematic universe. Both of the characters have Incredible powers, While Captain America follows his moral code, is empathetic, and doesn't prefer a lot of violence, The Soldier Boy is the opposite of him when it comes to morality and empathy. The personality of Soldier Boy is the opposite of Captain America. Both of them are super cool soldiers and they have served in the military. Let's discuss and compare their powers abilities and strengths and see who is Strongest When it comes to Captain America vs Soldier Boy.

Captain America vs Soldier Boy staring at each other

Is Soldier Boy more powerful and Durability than Captain America?

Soldier Boy has Superhuman strength and durability, Which makes him a tough competitor in hand-to-hand combats. He is the second most potent Superhero in The Boy's universe. In season 3 episode 6 of the Boy's series he was able to fight Homelander and nearly defeated him with Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell. While fighting Soldier Boy Homelander Quotes that "You really had me going for a minute there" Which proves that Homelander was concerned while fighting Soldier Boy. Talking about Durability, Soldier Boy has demonstrated that he can take heavy blows and continue to fight, After releasing from jail he had no idea of what was going on but he still managed to defeat the whole team of Billy Butcher in Russia and there is a fact that Soldier boy can't be killed no matter what you try you can't kill Soldier Boy so this proves that he is so durable.

Soldier Boy escaping from Russian prison

Conversely, Captain America has superhuman strength, Speed, and Agility. His Body has been enhanced to peak human potential which nearly makes him an overpowered being by a particular type of serum which is called Super Soldier serum. This makes him a good competitor in the battle of Captain America vs Soldier Boy. Besides his Durability, He also possesses a Vibranium shield which is pretty much indestructible. Which makes him good at defense, Captain America's Superhuman abilities also help him to recover from injuries faster than a normal person.

When it comes to Durability, Captain America has survived Major fall damage from a building in the movie "Captain America and the Winter Soldier", He got hit by a truck and still survived and he stood out in extreme environments and battlefields without taking a lot of damage. However, Soldier Boy wins this section because he is purely an overpowered being and he can't be killed.

Captain America Jumping from a skyscraper

Battle IQ

Soldier Boy and Captain America both possess incredible battle IQ, they both can outsmart their enemies with their plans and strategy. Soldier Boy is shown as a Strategic genius in The Boy's show, He can quickly judge his enemy's moves and can act along with the new situation by changing his strategies.

In comic books, he was able to defeat a group of Superheros just by outsmarting Them. While in the Boy's tv show, he created a plan with Hughie and Billy to Defeat Homelander which ultimately failed because of Billy's betrayal. 

Soldier boy, Billy Butcher, Hughie planning for a battle

Similarly, Captain America is also a great Tactician, Who Leads his team to victory even in bad conditions. He really has the experience of leading a team in Dangerous situations and battlefields a couple of times. He is good at Strategizing both large-scale and hand-to-hand battles,.Like When he fought shield agents in the elevator and escaped the facility in the movie "Captain America and the winter soldier". Also, he leads the battle of Earth against Thanos in "Avengers: Endgame". So this point goes to Captain America because he has a lot of experience and he has led some of the biggest battles in the MCU.

Captain America preparing to fight in an elevator


While both Super Soldiers have Superpowers, Soldier Boy could dominate in this Domain, He can defeat most of the superheroes in the seven with his powers or you can say he can defeat everyone in the seven except Homelander, making him a fierce character. His powers are shown in the comics as he can lift and throw cars very easily and can break through walls like cardboard, In the Boy's tv show he was the one who fought against Homelander and gave him good competition.

Soldier Boy in hand-to-hand combat with Homelander

Captain America is incredibly strong but he has suffered some damage in the MCU movies. He is vulnerable and can't top the strength level of Soldier Boy.  But he is still strong for example he pulled a helicopter and made it crash while fighting with Winter Soldier and he was able to give a good fight to Iron Man who had an Iron suit and advanced technology. So this is clear When it comes to a strength comparison between Captain America and Soldier Boy, Soldier Boy will win.

Captain America pulling a helicopter


When it comes to intelligence and skills, Both fictional characters have fought wars and they both are military veterans, Soldier Boy fought in World War 2 and possesses real-life war experience and he won the war. He is also a great marksman But analyzing the current situation shown in the Boys tv series it is clear that Soldier Boy doesn't have control over his body and sometimes he just burst and uses his powers he has PTSD because he was tortured by the Russians for a long time and he does drugs a lot. These points are enough to prove that Soldier Boy is not mentally stable and he lacks intelligence in current scenarios.

Soldier Boy in military

Captain America also fought in World War 2 against Germany, He defeated their skull and made strategies to defeat his entire team and he was successful, he has a lot of warfare experience much greater than Soldier Boy. Also, he can't get drunk and he has a sound body and mind sometime his genius strategies made him win the wars. He is very focused and works on his ethics. Captain America also knows several fighting skills and he knows the skill of using his Shield as a weapon of defense and offense. So concluding this section we can easily say that Captain America is ahead of Soldier Boy when it comes to Soldier Boy vs Captain America Intelligence/skills comparison.

Captain America in military

Special Abilities

Soldier Boy in the Boy's show has quite a few special abilities like, His shield - He uses a durable and super heavy shield that normal people can't even move a little, its weight is about 270 Kilograms. Soldier Boy has a special ability that he is indestructible he can't be killed or destroyed by thing or anyone, When he was fighting Homelander, Homelander wasn't able to give some serious damage to him. But Soldier Boys' main power is that he can take away powers from any other Superheroes, He gives a burst of energy from his chest and if any superpowered being comes in contact with it will lose his powers and will become a normal person

Captain America fighting with his shield

Meanwhile, Captain America has a special shield that is nearly indestructible and not heavy, Captain America uses his shield to attack his enemies and defend himself from enemy attacks, His shield is made out of Vibranium metal which can't be detected by regular metal detectors. Captain America also has the powers which he got from injecting Super Soldier Serum into him in a lab experiment. Also, Captain America is worthy enough to wield thors hammer but since the hammer doesn't belong to him and he can't easily access the Hammer we will not consider this special ability. After checking the special Abilities of both characters we can clearly say that Soldier Boy dominates this domain.Soldier Boy using his energy blast power

The biggest Battle fought by Captain America is the battle of Earth in the movie Avengers: Endgame against Thanos and his army, Captain America played an important role in that movie and emerged as the leader of the Avengers. On the other hand, Soldier Boy didn't have a grand battle like that in the Amazon Prime series The Boys. but still, the biggest battle was in "The Seven tower" where he fought billy butcher, Homelander Queen Mave, and other superheroes. Considering the fact that Soldier Boy is still alive in the series he could have some challenging fights in the future.

Soldier Boy vs Captain America who wins

While both of the fictional characters have a lot of similarities, Captain America has an edge over Soldier Boy in Battle IQ and Intelligence, And Soldier Boy has an edge over Captain America when it comes to strength, Special abilities, Powers, and Durability. So with 3/5 winning sections, we can declare that Soldier Boy would win in a fictional battle between Captain America and Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy can easily overpower Captain America and considering the fact that Soldier Boy can't be killed it is clear that Captain America has no chance of winning this Dual.

Soldier Boy vs Captain America with Mjolnir

Considering the fact that Captain America is holding Mjolnir the battle Between him and Soldier Boy would turn out to be a whole new different story When Captain America is holding Mjolnir he is as powerful as Thor he can summon lightning, portals, and he can also fly using it. At this point, Captain America will win because considering the fact that if Captain America somehow manages to put Mjlonir on Soldier Boy then Soldier Boy will not be able to move and he will lose the dual for sure.


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