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How Black panther (T,challa) Dies in MCU Wakanda forever theory

As we know that Sir Chadwick Boseman is no more and Marvel didn't cast the role of Black Panther in their movies they want to give him a tribute so here are my two theories on how Black Panther (T, Challa) is going to die in Marvel cinematic universe. We will go point-wise-
*Black panther dies because of Cancer 
*Black panther (T, Challa) Death on Battle Field 
*The actual reason is shown in the movie
*Overall conclusion

1- Black panther (T, Challa) dies because of Cancer 

Cancer is the real cause of the death of Sir Chadwick Boseman so to portray his death in Marvel cinematic universe writer's can simply show that Black Panther(T'challa) died because of Cancer this will show that Wakanda is so advanced but to date, they don't know the proper cure of such inevitable diseases like cancer but it will question the technological advancements, Wakanda has because Wakanda is highly advanced in both medical and engineering field plus to cure Cancer at the early stages we need radiation therapy (chemotherapy) and Wakanda knows how to control radiation perfectly so it's possible to show the death of Black Panther (T'challa) but it will also come with a lot of questions regarding Wakandian technologies and their advancements. WandaVision reveals that Maria Rambeau died of cancer during the five years, and Natalie Portman has indicated that Love And Thunder are still adapting Jane Foster having cancer before she becomes Mighty Thor and she dies because of cancer in Thor love and Thunder, so it's clearly still an issue in the MCU's world.
So to avoid this conflict they can have an option of portraying his death as-

2- Black panther (T, Challa) Death on Battle Field 

To portray the Black panther (T'challa) death in Marvel cinematic universe the writers can go with an option to show that Black Panther (T'challa) died fighting in a Battle because a warrior always wants to die on a battlefield and this will give a continuation to story that Atlanteans killed Black Panther (T'challa) in some conflict and  that will build a story which is going to continue in "Black Panther Wakanda forever" 

*The actual reason is shown in the movie

In the movie Wakanda forever we see that Shuri is attempting to cure T'challa of an unspecified illness but she wasn't able to cure him in time and it lead to the death of T'challa. One of the major reasons he died was that he was hiding this disease from his family and Shuri & when they got to know about this it was too late. 

Overall conclusion

Writers and Director can go with any of these two options or can make another story regarding the death of Black Panther in the Marvel cinematic universe but it should be a great goodbye to our king T'challa, After seeing all the theories and speculation I can say that death of Black panther (T, Challa) in marvel cinematic universe is a sensitive topic and writers should deal with it seriously because black panther movie was a cultural hit and people have a lot of emotion with black panther character and Namor as his villain is a good choice also Story and idea is perfect but the execution of the story must be great.

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Watch the trailer of Black Panther Wakanda forever here - 


  1. Black panther t,challa was a good leader no one can replace him


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