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Blue Beetle Trailer review, How Jaime Reyes gets powers in Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle trailer got out now and shows the first look of the actor Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes aka the Blue Beetle a Mexican-American teenage boy who gets a blue beetle scarab that works as a suit for him and gives him powers.

Talking about the trailer reveals a lot of things such as his powers and first looks, The background music of this trailer is so energizing and mighty like you can feel the intensity deep inside you, The first look of Blue Beetle is also superb, And his suit up scenes are awesome

Jaime Reyes wearing Blue Bettle scarab from back

We see that Jaime Reyes recently graduated from his college and returning back his home, He is struggling to find a purpose in his life, While he gets his hands on the Blue Bettle scarab, Which gives him powers.
Jaime Reyes as a college student

We also see that Jaime is struggling to coordinate with the blue beetle scarab, and he makes a lot of moves that are dangerous for other people, like cutting a bus in half
Blue Bettle cutting the bus in half

It's not yet confirmed whether it's going to be part of the new DC universe or not, But coming at the visuals of the movie they look stunning also the shot where the blue beetle is in space and looking toward the sun is gorgeous While reviewing the trailer, It is also noticeable that the Blue beetle scarab is attached on the back of Jamie it's easily notable that he can fly with his wings and the thrust generated by the scarab.

Watching the trailer you can clearly notice that his family is all scared of seeing the beetle on Jamie, And also director did a great job showing a Latino family and their chemistry, For a brief moment of time we see the villain of the movie Victoria Kord, she is saying that "The scarab chose you but it belongs to me" which means that she is going all in to take back the scarab from Jaime Reyes.
Susan Sarandon - Victoria Kord (The main villain of the movie)

The trailer shows his Blue Armor suit which looks pretty amazing, It attaches to his spine and generates from there making armor for the whole of his Body, It also quotes that "Whatever you can imagine I can create" this is also same as comics where Blue Bettle can create anything with his suit and he creates a sword

Concluding the review I can say that the trailer was fun and sets high hopes for the Blue Bettle movie and the future of DC, We could see him collaborating with Flash or any other superhero in  DC

How Jaime Reyes gets powers in Blue Beetle

Jamie Reyes's powers come from Blue Bettle scarab, Blue Bettle scarab used to be the weapon of an intergalactic army called The Reach, Bule Bettle scarab has its own intelligence. 

Blue Bettle scarab
The Reach used Blue Bettle scarab as a weapon to conquer several plants, They would deploy some blue beetle scarabs on a planet which would take control of the people living on it and then they become the member of reach, But one day a Blue Beetle scarab comes to Earth and gets attached on the body of  Jaime Reyes.

But instead of Blue Bettle controlling Jamie, Jamie starts taking control of the scarab. At first, they don't coordinate correctly but after some time they start coordinating with each other and help to fight crime later on he also joins Teen Titans.

Blue Bettle scarab attaches to the back of his host and it grows from there, Blue Beetle creates weaponry as per the advice of his host like - a shield, energy blaster, canon, sword, etc. But sometimes they have conflict over who is right while making a decision.
Blue Bettle with a sword his suit created

Blue Beetle suit has a pair of wings that lets him fly and travel from one place to another fastly, Also his suit can help him travel in space. Although he isn't powerful like Black adam or Superman still he can fight a great battle
Blue beetle flying with his wings

Details about the Blue Beetle cast and crew

The role of Blue Bettle "Jaime Reyes" is played by Xolo Maridueña
And here is the list of actors with their respective characters
Bruna Marquezine - Jenny Kor
Kade Pittman Black -  Ops Leader
Jorge Jimenez -Uncle Chema Reyes
Brianna Quinn Lewis - Kord Receptionist
Oshún Ramirez - Nayeli
Bridgette Michelle Bentley - a person who works at the office
Adriana Barraza - Nana
Damián Alcázar - Alberto Reyes
Elpidia Carrillo - Rocio Reyes
Susan Sarandon - Victoria Kord (The main villain of the movie)
George Lopez Uncle - Rudy Reyes
Raoul Max Trujillo: Conrad Carapax, also known as The Indestructible Man
This movie is directed by - Angel Manuel Soto and written by - Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer

The official date of releasing the movie is - August 18th, 2023

The reaction of fans is good and they are liking the trailer test screening of the movie had positive results where it was called "super entertaining".

This movie can make some money for DC, While current movies like Shazam Fury of the Gods are getting box office numbers of less than 150 million dollars, which is pretty Bad for the upcoming future of DC.
You can watch the full trailer of Blue beetle here - 


  1. I think it's going to be very good movie

  2. I think it's going to be very good movie

  3. Hey nice breakdown and info, rooting for this movie to hit the theatres


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